About AbsolutelyInteractive

Our award winning content management system (CMS) is called AbsolutelyInteractive. It offers our clients a highly customisable and integrated solution with core multi-lingual features that cater to over 80% of our clients needs straight out of the box. Being developed in-house offers a huge advantage means we are able to tailor it to suit your exact requirements and the development of new bolt-on solutions is straightforward and cost-effective. It also means we can seamlessly integrate with your other business solutions/software, e.g. Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ERP, payment portals, social media feeds, etc, to offer a comprehensive and efficient solution that offers so much more than simply managing the content on your website(s).

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What it Delivers

AbsolutelyInteractive is used by both SME’s and large multinational organisations and the benefits are clearly demonstrated within our portfolio by our range of different organisations, including Barclaycard, Sodexo, DELL, CIT, Money Advice Trust, Royal Ascot, BP, Meridian Global Solutions, etc.

All-in-One Content Management

Sophisticated content management of your website, extranet, intranet and microsites

Fully Integrated

AI provides a fully integrated email marketing and marketing automation system


Powerful personalisation capabilities based on user behaviours

E-commerce functionality

AI is fully PCI compliant, providing safe, effective and secure e-commerce functionality

Search Results

AI offers powerful built-in blogging engine that also delivers automated e-newsletters

CRM Synchronisation

AI has a built-in CRM but your user data can also be synchronised in real-time with external CRM solutions

Simple Management

AI provides full audit and publication management, as well as comprehensive asset management


Despite AI's power, it's all so easy to use, so after training we are happy to offer you free, unlimited support!

Other Benefits

Email Marketing

AI includes a world-class email marketing solution with detailed reporting and personalisation capabilities and since your web site, content management, assets and CRM data are fully integrated, you only need to learn one easy to use system.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a key tool in any digital marketing arsenal, without it, most marketers are blind - focussed on driving traffic but not really understanding those visitors and how they are actually engaging.

AI Overview

Here's a short video demonstrating AI and some benefits of working with us.