absolutely interactive v5

is off the drawing board, built, tested and in production

Check out these new features and benefits

New logged-in dashboard

Login access to all main features and insta-reports on active users, subscribed users, assets usage, new CRM records and hot leads (with AI MA)

Performance and content population improvements

AI is now physically faster at so many things - underlying data access (with faster DB architecture), reporting all Marketing Automation stats and accessing your user data. It's also quicker to populate your content with significant improvements to managing, finding and populating images and videos.

New marketing interaction reports

Find out who's been interacting with your site and email content, what emails you've sent people and when and with MA measure all their post-click tracking details

Assets improvements

As well as speeding up accessing assets when you are editing page and newsletter content, you can now search across all asset folders and edit folder names

New e-learning manager to deliver training to your customers

Content manage your own video learning modules and quizzes to ensure your customers understanding of your products and services

Please note: Although the core system is built into AI v5, the customisation and implementation of this feature on your site is a chargeable activity

AI notifications system

AI notifies you of recent events and activities undertaken by adminstration staff and customers!

Avatars and auditing for AI administrators

Assign avatars to your account and see what other administrators have been changing on your site and in the AI email marketing system

Improved EM reporting

Faster, more informative email marekting reporting, integrated with AI's more performant metrics