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The entire LuckinsLive product catalogue contain over 1,000,000 products is built using our AI CMS, this indicates how powerful and flexible this system really is...

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‘Luckins’ was the old printed electrical industry bible. So, launching LuckinsLive was a critical step, since it meant moving away from the 3 inch thick printed catalogue that contractors and wholesalers had lived with for so long and creating a new industry standard - online.

With so much data in the system, the architecture and design of the solution was critical. After close co-operation between S-Digital and Luckins, the site went live almost a decade ago to great acclaim.

S-Digital have been in a process of continuous improvement on the site ever since, with major new areas of enhancement released over the last few years, including interactive graphical dashboards of all key system metrics and further integration with Luckins considerable MS SQL data repositories


The entire LuckinsLive solution is built using our AI CMS integrated using dynamic MS SQL Views and Store Procedures, this hopefully indicates just how powerful and flexible AI really is.

LuckinsLive includes:

  • Manufacturer Profile Pages with Resource Downloads
  • Full basket/quote generation
  • Google Map Mashup of contractor locations
  • Multi-tiered membership with auto-renewals
  • Browser Toolbar for instant product / price searches for wholesalers and specifiers
  • Graphical reporting dashboards, displaying all key site/manufacturer and user metrics

Return on Investment

Not only was the site cost-effective to produce and deliver based on a a series of AI customisations but the site also generates revenue from manufacturer advertising and promotion, all of which is managed within AI.

Registered users also gain access to a basket-based quoting system and a service to watch prices on common products... i.e. adding significant value over the old paper-based system.

Online product data are synchronised in real-time against a master database of products and prices managed by Luckins and integration goes much deeper with manufacturer and subscriber data managed via secure, remote data access


Now with more than 40,000 registered subscribers, LuckinsLive represents the preferred electrical product bible ‘online’