Automation and email marketing tools with built-in consultancy

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the digital marketer's best source of generating inbound traffic and leads. However, the days of blanket campaigns are no more, now you need an integrated, personalised approach

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Marketing Automation

All of the benefits of customer journey automation, content managed campaigns, lead-scoring, content personalisation, tracking of every known / anonymous users' behaviours, profiling, etc

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Enterprise Automation

Dovetailing our MA system to allow Process Automation - to track and model any of your workflows, from complex orders to returns, refunds, tracking, memberships, on-boarding, renewals, etc

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All of our automation solutions include a Discovery Phase and/or Consultancy session as part of our monthly license fee.

This ensures that we can initially build custom journeys and touch points with you and leave you with knowledge to build on this framework