Explainer Series - Personalisation

Personalisation - What and How?

A three-minute video demonstrating our powerful personalisation capabilities, which are also easy to manage:


Please click your preferred role:



Now, please Refresh this page and see what happens!?

Edit any page in AI

In the 'Manage Your Website' screen grab, you can see two 'MA' demo versions of the Home Page, these are Personalisation Variants, as discussed in our video above.

We'll be giving you a quick demonstration of these pages in Demo #2 below...

Choose or make a variant page

Here we show a variant page opened in the AI edit screen.

Instead of showing you all of the usual open edit areas, a variant allows you to adopt content from its parent page (the Home Page in this case) or you can change any section(s) as you see fit for your variant page.

The red buttons shown in the screen grab show where we have altered the content for these sections in this variant, further down the page we've also changed the Home pages top banner video too.

Edit a journey

The 'Journey Builder' screen grab shows that any user (know or anonymous) passing through this Journey will see the 'MA Demo' variant Home Page rather than the normal Parent Home Page.

This is a simple process that could be triggered based on the user's role, what page they arrived from, whether they've engaged with a specific campaign, their geography, status (customer or lead), their email domain (i.e. by company) or a specific email address if they are known (i.e. an individual).

You can create as many variants as you need for any pages on your and set them all up in a single journey like this. Please consider setting up little journeys like this for all of the main personas in your audience, across a key pages on your site - not a lot of work but it would have a massive impact...

As a minimum, doesn't it make sense to treat customers and leads differently in terms of your Content and Calls to Action?

Demo #2

See a powerful example of AI Personalisation in action:

This level of personalisation is rarely available even in the most expensive of enterprise-level content management systems.

Here's a quick but powerful demonstration:

After each click close the tab to come back here!

  1. Click this link to visit our home page in a new tab. Note the main video banner and introductory wording 
  2. Click this link to log an invisible ‘page visit’ event/behaviour within our MA system
  3. Click this link to go back to the same home page and see what’s changed!
  4. Click this link to revert your previous behaviour (and reset the personalisation)
  5. Click this link to see that the home page has reverted back to normal

The example demonstrates how your home page could show any alternative personalisation based on your prospects’ industry and/or past behaviours but, with AI Containers, this applies to any layout, any combination, any page - Personalised and tuned to perfection!

Of course, that's not all...

Personalisation is only one small aspect of our AI CMS and Digital Marketing Solution.

Our Marketing and Business Automation system is a full-blown solution capable of dynamically sending emails, SMS, lead-scoring, auto-profiling and so much more.

The AI CMS is capable of running alongside your existing web site/CMS allowing you to create personalised landing pages for your campaigns, create personalised forms (to progressively capture additional data), etc, please see this Case Study. It also allows you to create Containers (stackable responsive page sections) that can also be personalised wholescale, please see more about AI.

Alternatively, if you do need to upgrade your CMS, AI can deliver full multi-lingual web solutions, please see this Case Study.

Please Contact Us to find out more, thank you.

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