Case study

CSM Hospitality

We built CSM's Sports and Hospitality's email marketing platform and integrated it for several sales teams across their entire audience held in Salesforce.

Seamless integration

in 2021/2022 we've delivered two primary and integrated solutions - these are both well-designed, highly complex but effective solutions, designed to drive sales, reduce overheads and manual tasks and generate qualified leads for sales staff to close for corporate hospitality packages across many sports events UK wide:

1. Fully integrated e-commerce platform deep-linked to Salesforce to enable online sales of Baseball hospitality packages scheduled for 2023

2. Advanced tools for CSM's marketing teams to deliver email campaigns driven by salesperson, sport types and any other criteria that can be drawn from Salesforce, with which our system is two-way synchronised

CSM main objectives (email marketing)

Deliver an intuitive and secure email marketing solution, allowing each sales person or sales team to communicate with their own customers and leads across a database synchronised and updated with Salesforce.

Our seamless approach

Our approaches to yet again leverage our AI CMS and digital marketing platform to allow CSM to design their own email newsletters and integrate with Salesforce to ensure that recipient data is two-way synchronised for accuracy and subscription status maintenance. Also, the solution delivers leads and insights directly into Salesforce's existing sales functions.

The successful outcome

The solution has been in operation now for several months, during which CSM has delivered many hundreds of 1000s of newsletters to drive events such as Wimbledon 21, F1 events, world cricket events and many other hospitality opportunities.

Full marketing campaigns with our AI system

By using our responsive and flexible content managed email newsletter templates, CSM are able to send to thousands of branded emails to their CRM database for their hospitality events in the sports and entertainment industry.

Firstly we went through a wireframing process with CSM to establish what content blocks in the template were necessary for them to maximise the options for their content. Once that was finalised we were able to complete the front end coding to create the newsletter for use in AI.

To complement these email campaigns CSM are able to create, using our Containers technology, engaging and fully responsive Landing Pages to support the campaign for their users (see image in next section).

Salesforce CRM integration

Once CSM have created and sent their email campaigns and driven prospective leads to their Landing page we have custom built forms ready for them to complete the journey. Upon the user successully registering their interest using the form on the landing page we integrate the sales lead details directly into CSM's Salesforce CRM.

Integrated hospitality sales - Powerful e-commerce framework

Seamless, simple and automated

We built CSM's e-commerce solution and integrated it with their existing Salesforce system to sell Baseball packages in 2023 (the marketing and sales processes start early!)

However, we didn't just a build a solution for Baseball, we built a framework that can be extended to support sales of any sports event or package across the entire breadth of CSM Hospitality's offerings.

Moreover, the solution will save CSM 100s of hours of manual tasks by automating all touch points for visitors attending events and requiring information/notifications and those needing to share their needs with CSM.

In the first year we achieved...

  • 247
    Email campaigns sent
  • 2,841,410
    Emails sent
  • > 90%
    Average delivery rate
  • 168,301
    Subscribed users
  • 18
    Landing pages created

I hope this short case study was of interest, if you require an integrated web solution, please contact us or call us on 01908 733360 to talk about what we can achieve together!


Chris Rodbourne