Integration Services

Integration and synchronisation of your CRM, ERP, data repositories, fulfillment providers and accounts system provides a much more powerful platform that can be fully utilised for digital marketing purposes and improving the service levels offered to your customers.

Without it, you might often find your are copying around CSV files and endlessly importing and exporting data from one system to another - sound familiar?

Integration Services

We're experts in integration - working with large corporates and SMEs to connect essential technologies together in a stack that works for your sales, marketing and service departments.

Connect your web site, mobile apps and email marketing platform wth your back-office, CRM and ERP solutions to properly leverage your power.

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Speak to us about your requirements

Whether you use Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ERP solutions like Epicor, payment systems like Chargebee or World Pay linked to your accounts packages or want to see your social media or user-generated content across your site then we can integrate it. Ensure that your email marketing lists always remain up to date (including each user's subscription status) and your product specifications, prices and stock levels are all correct - 24x7.

Case Examples

The Ansell UK site provides a good example of our integration services, where product data, stock level and pricing reflect the latest back-office updates and are also personalised to each user/account who is logged in.

Or visit Your Sodexo to see how 50,000 frontline employees' data are synchronised regularly to provide personalised news and employee-specific documentation through integration with Sodexo's SAP system. 

Or see our work for OMRON where all distributor data, prices, inventory and project cases are linked to their central JD Edwards data warehouse in Holland.

And finally, visit our work for Sodexo Student Payments where wqe've integrated three separate third-party solutions  into a single, seamless user experience that operates on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

Legacy Systems Included

If your back-office is an older legacy solution and even if it's homegrown then, provided there's an API or direct database access, we can integrate your most important data with your digital marketing tools...