No sizeable or complex project should ever be undertaken without your stakeholders' ideas and buy-in. Nor should it commence without a review of your existing business processes and data, identifying areas of improvement / risk, expanding the vision and maximising the returns.

Are you considering a new, mission critical online solution or migrating from a legacy system to an advanced digital solution that integrates your back-office and perhaps delivers automation, AI capabilities and personalised touch points for your customers, your staff and other audiences?

To work alongside your team, are you looking for experts to take your idea, own all of your challenges and design and develop your online vision? If so, please discuss your S-Digital Transformation with us in a free consultation session.

Your brilliant idea: Discovery fundamentals

Taking your idea to the next stage requires clarity and vision; nobody intentionally wants to build the wrong features or waste time and money…

Moreover, new technologies can bring enormous benefits - machine learning/AI, generative content, automation, personalisation, etc. We can add value in all of these areas.

Undertaking a Discovery Process with us not only ensures success but it also validates the ideas with stakeholders, end-users, refines the vision and creates the path to realise your goal...





S-Digital + you: Focussed discovery meetings

We work with you and your senior team to build a series of purposeful agendas to share, extract and validate the way forward from each of your stakeholders' perspectives during the agenda-based discovery meetings.

The agendas may involve analysing and understanding your data in order to establish opportunities and agree a baseline or starting point that can be a foundation to build on and measure from, i.e. how do you know you’ve improved if you can’t measure what you’ve achieved?

Your stakeholders: Encouraging ideas and discourse

Your staff (sales, marketing, support, customer success, etc), customer segments and prospects all have challenges that your new solution must deliver against. This is where the magic starts, allowing your team and S-Digital to envision something innovative (even disruptive) that allows you to beat off your competition.

We can understand all of your key stakeholders' challenges and use the Discovery Process to find the best way of solving them.

S-Digital: Discovery Report

We interpret, add value, creativity, expertise and technical perspective to your solution and deliver you a Discovery Report that encompasses your vision, defines the way forward, with options for further phases and discussion.

If your systems don’t currently talk to each other then we can help to pull them together, and combine their data into insightful reports that can answer your business questions and trigger workflows.

S-Digital + you: Finalising the report

Once the Discovery Report is reviewed and updated from your feedback, it provides you with a definitive Statement of Work, covering a full expression of the project’s scope for an initial release through to later phases. You can use this to request quotations to deliver the project from us at S-Digital or any third-party.

The report also covers everything else you need at this stage - technology choices, future-proofing, provisional plans, timeframes, risk amelioration, security, assignments, likely or fixed costs, etc.

S-Digital: Executing the development

We are here to develop your solution using our advanced AI CMS, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Enterprise Automation solution or optionally act as a consultant to ensure that your third-party product development stays on track and has the architecture that ensures efficient extensibility and future proofing

This is where the real benefits of the Discovery Process comes to light, the plan and goals are optimised, the waste is minimised, the progress is maximised and the cost of the Discovery Process is often saved many times over... this also continues longer term in later phases too.

You + S-Digital: Launching your solution

Launching your digital solution is the first major step to realising your ideas but the process doesn't stop here.

A process of measuring and auditing events and processes will allow for future capabilities and optimisations that will generate you even more focus, viable/manageable growth and improved staff and customer satisfaction.

S-Digital + you: Looking after your solution

Ongoing developments, e-commercemobile app developmentintegration, leveraging of third-party capabilities and micro-services via APIs and seeking feedback leads to a process of continuous improvement and remaining head and shoulders above your competitors.

Moreover, the data view is aligned, the insights are clear, including the exceptions and there's now profit and productivity-improvements to be found in the details.

Please contact us for a free consultation call to discuss your goals and how we can help you. 

Our Consultation process

We have many years of expertise in analysing and designing complex digital solutions and data frameworks

We can have an amazingly positive impact on your organisation


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