What are Containers?

Containers let you control the layout of any of page on your AI site. Just choose the container type that you want to add to your page, re-order if needed and then populate your content in the easy 'AI' way.

Containers are especially useful for service, market, product detail and landing pages, as you create anything from a simple, single messages through to much more complex pages containing multiple sections, forms, videos, background images, promotions, timelines and even maps.

Since most container types include flexible Call To Action buttons, they also help to improve lead generation and conversions.

This site is exclusively built using our Containers architecture.

What type of Containers are there?

AI provides a large selection of powerful container types, including:

  • Splash and full screen static and video banners
  • Carousels
  • Promotional panels
  • Forms (built on our powerful AI Generic Form functionality)
  • Side by side (or push-pull) layouts
  • Parallax bands
  • One, two, three or four column sections with WYSIWYG content control
  • One, to many promotion sections with images, icons, CTA buttons, etc
  • Videos (embedded or links to YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Image galleries
  • Maps
  • Background images
  • Client/Logo lists with or without text
  • We can also create custom containers for your site, such as those that might pull your top five products on the page or your latest five blog articles, etc
  • Many container types also include controls for HTML5 animations

S-D's Business Process Automation page


S-D's Home page


Example Sports Landing Page


Example Travel Promotion Landing Page


Home Page Example


Entire Site Example


Amazing Containers Personalisation Demo!

See a powerful example of AI Personalisation in action:

If you have an AI Marketing Automation license then you can build multiple 'variants' of any page with one or more of your containers/content specifically tuned to the person or segment that is looking at the page. This level of personalisation is only available otherwise in the most expensive of enterprise content management systems.

Here's a quick but powerful demonstration:

  1. Click this link to visit our home page in a new tab. Note the main video banner and introductory wording then close the new tab to get back to this page
  2. Click this link to log an invisible ‘page visit’ event/behaviour within our MA system
  3. Click this link to go back to the same home page and see what’s changed!
  4. Click this link to revert your previous behaviour (and reset the personalisation)
  5. Click this link to see that the home page has reverted back to normal

The example showed how your home page could show any alternative personalisation based on your prospects’ industry and/or past behaviours but, with Containers, this applies to any layout, any combination, any page - Personalised and tuned to perfection!

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