1. Profile and Segment your audience and content

Use tools like our AI system to automate the assignment of users to your well-defined Cohorts for instant segmentation and personalisation options

2. Refine your SEO

Use relevant keywords, create quality content and build backlinks

3. Engage in social media

Participate in relavant B2B or B2C groups and communities, share your site content and post links to Landing Pages, etc

4. Email marketing

Still one of the most effective tools for marketers, build up your subscription list and gather as much profiling as you can to improve your targeting

5. Content marketing

Write blogs, posts and guides - this topical content will drive more, relavant traffic to your site

6. Engage your audience

Driving traffic is the easier part, engaging and generating qualified leads is the harder part. Use Case Studies to add credibility, delivering interesting and relevant content and videos based on user's inbound route and profile

7. Ensure you deliver clear Calls to Action

Once engaged, allow the user to cointact you - understand their needs and respond!

8. Collaborate with other organisations

Cross-promote and leverage lists - find businesses with affinity and synergy

9. Submit to free online directories

This may hep deliver more relavnt traffic to your site

10. Participate in forums

Answer people's questions, share insights and always share your web/contact details


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