Achieve competitive advantage by harnessing the benefits of:

  1. A secure portal/extranet (c. £5k-£20k)
  2. ERP/CRM integration and bespoke e-commerce (c. £5k-£50k)
  3. Marketing and enterprise automation (£450-£850 pm - all incl.)
  4. e-Learning solutions (from £250 pm)

These will all deliver a rapid ROI by saving costs, increasing profitability, delivering the highest customer services, improving productivity and enabling your organisation to SCALE UP

Huge ROI opportunities

1. Secure portal for channels / staff

A web portal is a solution providing login access to your distributors, resellers, staff, suppliers, etc that can deliver enormous benefits:

Secure, online access for your channels

Service all of your main distributor/reseller/consumer touch points online 24x7 365

Real-time information all the time

Allow your customers to check inventory, product pricing (including any account-based discounts), project status, returns, discounts, claims, etc

Enable interactions

Logged-in users can create projects, share sales pipeline information with you, find alternative products, raise support queries, contact their account managers based on territory

Dashboards and insights

Distributors can have access to anonymised data based on ordering trends, see their purchase information by distributor, by territory, by product group and even see leader boards

Information and announcements

Use the portal to deliver news, new product release information, product retirement programmes, changes in policy directly and securely

A carefully planned, phased approach

We'll deliver a framework to build on - future phases might deliver an online e-learning centre, accreditations programmes, knowledge base, FAQs, video centre (integrated with say YouTube)...

2. ERP/CRM integration and e-commerce

Integrating your ERP/CRM with your web site/portal can open up massive benefits, as well as sowing the seeds for developing your e-commerce initiative:

No need to do everything twice!

Your ERP contains your product data, we can synchronise your products, offers, promotions seamlessly, so they are always up to date online

Enhance your product delivery online

Link your product data with rich descriptions, imagery, CAD/3D data, videos, etc. All managed in the AI CMS to present and make searching products quick and easy online for your visitors

Real-time inventory online plus more

Securely allow your audience to view stock-levels, delivery timelines, product alternatives (when stocks are down), knowledge-bases, document repositories, past orders, etc

Dynamically created data sheets

We can dynamically generate rich-information PDFs based on your centralised and CMS-based product data, no need to keep hand-creating your data sheets

Update and maintain your CRM data

Allow users to update their details online and synch' them back to your CRM. Keep subscription states, company account information, contacts and users' preferences synchronised between systems

Capture data online

All your online form data are captured and merged directly with your CRM

GDPR compliance

Our system has full GDPR compliance built-in, so our solution makes your organisation compliant out of the box

3. Marketing and Enterprise Automation

By enabling our marketing and enterprise automation capabilities, your users' online actions will trigger content managed journeys that match your organisational processes and create 'jobs' routed directly to role-based staff dashboards, where their actions essentially step these workflows forward:

A more streamlined and efficient organisation

Your manual and staff-based processes are now more reliable, automated, consistent and measureable

Audits of every interaction online

We cannot express how beneficial it is to be able to report on every step of every organisational workflow executed by any user or member of staff when it comes to improving and optimising processes!

Every action and behaviour of every visitor

All site visitors' behaviours generate tracked events that can be used to 'lead-score' and create sales-qualified leads or trigger marketing campaigns and personalisations anywhere on your site

Content managed journeys

Build journeys triggered by tracked events, dates or changes in any CRM records using steps like IF, WAIT UNTIL, CRM UPDATE, ADD +/- LEAD SCORE, SEND EMAIL, SEND NEWSLETTER, SEND SMS, LOOP, CREATE JOB

Safety measures can also be automated

Use automated journeys to spot exceptions and when things are taking too long

Automate notifications and other interactions

Generate consistent outbound comms as posted PDF letters, emails and SMS' to your audience when products are despatched or returned, when subscriptions are about to expire or payment is received, etc

4. Product training and e-learning solution

Our content managed and simple e-learning solution is ideal for product and other training; based on video presentation and follow-up quizzes. You control the content, the questions, the pass rate and we deliver the automated certifications:

Distance learning on mass

You can provision 24x7x365 distance training/accreditation for distributors and staff worldwide; for less than the cost of running one traditional course per month

Consistent, compliant and cheap

Delivery is highly cost-effective and your training is delivered consistently worldwide

You control the content

Courses are video based and, although we can help with the content and design, ultimately, you are in charge of your training content, quiz questions and pass-rates

Easy to manage and easy to use

Creating courses is a doddle, especially if you've already recorded training sessions. Setting up cohorts and inviting them to take the course is based on data in your CRM and our email despatches

Auto-saves learners' progress

If a learner has to leave the training video part-way, their progress is automatically stored, so training can resume where it left off during the last session

Reports on all aspects

The system creates an audit log of all users course accesses, their scores, pass/fail retries, certificates issued. It even includes the idea of building repeat training courses to be taken each year

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