We create responsive web designs that accord with your brand, your audience and your needs, both now and in the future

Your pages are content managed in our AbsolutelyInteractive CMS (AI), which is far superior to tools like WordPress and many other proprietary solutions since it is more powerful, easier to use and guarantees that your pages will respond correctly across all major devices and browsers.

AI also offers tools for growth and competitive advantage - all deeply integrated - email marketing, CRM, eCommerce, marketing automation, content personalisation, lead scoring, security and centralised asset management.

Your design stays true and responds correctly across devices

When you edit your pages in AI, drag and drop and manual resizing of imagery / videos / panels is intentionally not provided, unlike WordPress and some proprietary systems

This is a conscious systems-design choice on our part (and has been well-proven), since drag and drop and freeform content editing can encourage design/brand inconsistencies and allow authors to create pages that are aesthetically poor (unless you happen to be a seasoned web designer!). Worse still though, pages will very often simply break when displayed on small devices like phones in portrait mode...

With our Container technology, you can create beautiful pages using any of the 60+ tweakable sub-layouts (in any sequence) and your pages WILL ALWAYS present seamlessly across all major devices and browsers

AI is very fast to edit, preview and publish your content. It's also very easy to learn (1 hr typically) and once learnt, it's the same editing process to build pages, portal and landing pages, email campaigns, etc

AI takes the pain out of managing your site and actually adds the creative fun back in!

The AI CMS Container Concept

Containers let you control the layout of any of page on your AI site. Just choose the Container type that you want to add, re-order as needed and then populate/customise your content in the easy 'AI' way. This site is obviously built using our AI Containers technology.

AI provides over 60 (and counting) powerful container types, including:

  • Splash and full screen static and video banners
  • Carousels
  • Promotional panels
  • Forms (built on our powerful AI Generic Form functionality)
  • Side by side (or push-pull) layouts
  • Parallax bands
  • Multi-column sections with WYSIWYG content control
  • One, to many promotion sections with images, icons, CTA buttons, etc
  • Videos (embedded or links to YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Image galleries
  • Maps
  • Client/Logo lists with or without text
  • Timelines
  • Anchored offers
  • Latest and filtered blog content
  • We also create custom containers for your site, such as those that might pull your top five products on the page, etc
  • Many Containers include:
    • Flexible Call To Action buttons so they also help to improve lead generation and conversions
    • Controls for HTML5 animations
    • Background images and video options that stretch

All responsive and all  working beaurtifully on all devices​​​​​


Our expert visual and user experience designs will be tailored to delivering a modern and dynamic web site that also pays heed to your brand and your audience, in terms of clarity of information, presentation and ease of use. It can thus serve a wide audience with differing technical experience and age ranges.

Your site will be a responsive solution that lays out seamlessly across all major devices and browsers and utilises industry best practices to ensure high levels of usability and learnability, including effective support for WCAG/WAI compliance.

Early on in a project, we provide considered example design ideas for your review and, together, these designs can be iterated to achieve the final, signed off themes for the site. This will then be used to create all aspects of the site’s web page structure, including header, footer, navigation, layouts, buttons, typography and image/video styling, etc.

Limitations of WordPress and other CMS'

We have years of experience of working with WordPress, on sites that we have inherited from other agencies (when the customer upgraded to us!). We have migrated most of these away from WordPress (and similar budget, off-the-shelf solutions) to our own AI CMS

The significant disadvantages of using WordPress for a professional web site are many and varied, some are given below:

  • WordPress relies on the use of third-party plugins to deliver most of its useful functionality and consequently:
    • WordPress has intrinsic risks, since the integrity and security of these plug-ins is outside of your (or our) control
    • WordPress receives regular updates to attempt to fix security and performance issues. However, these updates may not be compatible with the third-party plug-ins that have been used to build your site. You are therefore forced to remain on an older version of WordPress or re-write site functionality by using alternative plug-ins. This is not an effective or an efficient way of working and, more importantly, it jeopardises the security of both your customers’ data and your own
  • If there isn’t a plugin to do the thing you need to do with your site then you simply have to live with the restriction, for example:
    • Many eCommerce, CRM, ERP and Email Marketing platforms cannot be integrated with WordPress, especially legacy or bespoke back-office systems. Invariably, those tools that are integrated via plugins are generally also ‘budget-focussed’ products like MailChimp, and they are often as inflexible
  • If you want to offer new business options now or in the future such as offering dynamic promotions, loyalty and membership models, order management, customer login areas, e-commerce, automation, etc then you are massively limited by what you can achieve in WordPress

Needless to say AI has none of these layout or integration limitations and is ideally suited organisations responding to  their business needs or the needs of their online customers, as they become more demanding or complex

You'll be flying with your new AI solution in no time

Working with AI is easy, training is normally only an hour or two for the core CMS functions and once you have the concepts down, Containers will guide you in designing landing pages, adding new pages to your site and creating email campaigns and e-newsletters! Your CRM data and assets are also managed in AI, so everything is at your fingertips

AI is easy to use, intuitive, fast, powerful and allows you to edit, preview, change, publish and report in seconds - this is why the perfect partnership of our web design/consultancy and AI have won or have been nominated for many design and innovation awards over the years