Growing Significance of Mobile Wallets:

  • Mobile Wallets have evolved beyond credit cards, now utilized for loyalty cards, offers, coupons, gift cards, and event tickets.
  • 54% of consumers made purchases based on mobile wallet offers, showcasing the channel's effectiveness for driving sales.
  • Mobile Wallets offer a bridge between high-reach, low-engagement email marketing and low-reach, high-engagement mobile app marketing.

SMS Marketing Effectiveness:

  • SMS adoption is nearly ubiquitous, with 75% of consumers reporting that brand text messages routinely influence their purchasing decisions.
  • SMS boasts high open and read rates (99% and 97%, respectively), making it a powerful tool compared to email marketing.
  • Well-timed, personalized, and offer-oriented SMS can significantly drive traffic to both offline and online stores.

Best Practices for SMS Adoption:

  • Focus on engagement, growth, and retention rather than quick-hit, batch-and-blast tactics.
  • Build and treat the mobile database of opted-in SMS subscribers as a valuable asset.
  • Personalize SMS messages based on customer buying habits, patterns, and preferences for optimal results.

Industry-Specific Adoption:

  • QSRs and retailers benefit most from SMS, especially in driving foot traffic to physical locations.
  • Online retailers leverage SMS for abandoned cart scenarios, while brick-and-mortar retailers combine SMS and mobile wallets to multiply revenue.

Mobile Wallet Revenue:

  • Combined SMS and Mobile Wallet campaigns generate 19x more revenue per message compared to standalone SMS campaigns.
  • Mobile Wallets provide fully attributable revenue, offering marketers insight into the direct impact of their campaigns.


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