Case study

OMRON Europe POS Dashboards

Access to insightful sales and pipeline data at a glance

Dashboard reports that tell a story

We have another case study about our OMRON Distributor's Portal but this case study focusses just on the new Dashboard System that we added and updated in 2021.

Dealing with over 9,500,000,000 bytes of information, the dashboard query allows up to nine filtering mechanisms to research the sales data. For example, by date-range, by region, country, distributor, sales person, service group, product type, end-customer, OEM, with/without yearly comparators, etc.

When distributors login to the dashboard, they only see their business and region data. When an Omron territory salesperson logs in, they only see their assigned country(s) and distributor(s), while a senior manager at Omron will be able to view data for all regions, all sales staff and all distributors.

Finally, when a user logins in they are able to setup their preferred 'quick dashboard' on the home page, this is designed to highlight all of the metrics they need on a regular basis. An example is given below (some data remain confidential):

Example Home Page dashboard Screen Grab

Example Dashboard - Annual Sales

Here's an example of dashboard accessible to senior managers in Omron with full access to all query dimensions.

Complex queries can be created and edited and saved as a 'Named Report' to enable repeat execution with a minimum of effort and ensuring consistency of results.

Omron staff and distributors are able to drill into reports to view any underlying value breakdowns in detail.

For Omron this means that there is signficant transparency and the ability to compare any data sets, such as a league table of distributor sales of sensors in 2020 just in the Benelux region or achievement against sales targets (also managed in the system).

Reporting export formatsFor distributors, they can see analyse their own sales and compare sales by region and against averages/predictions.

Any report data can be exported in a number of formats, as shown:

Please note: Many of the metrics are intentionally blurred

Other report types

ODPOS provides many other interrogatable Business Information (BI), allowing for any combination of data to be reported, exported, compared, etc.

Here we show an example of tabular pricing information for all distributors looking to place high value orders. The status of the order/negotiation process is shown by colour coding.

Please also note how many filterable aspects of the report are provided.


To generate this much insight and have every one of your distributors and staff able to access instant reports across pricing, inventory, pipeline, sales, comparative product revenues and projects has been invaluable.


Chris Rodbourne
S-Digital, MD