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Our digital solutions can help overcome challenges in 2023 and beyond

Over 27 years, we've worked with many non-profit organisations:

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There is something very rewarding about using digital technologies to help people but we also love assisting charities to reach further, deliver more and save costs while achieving better outcomes (and we reduce our day rate to assist).

We have developed many capable solutions, such as Money Advice Trust's 'MyMoneySteps', which was launched in parliament and has assisted nearly 100,000 people to create personalised debt recovery plans, with many achieving debt-free living without any human intervention!

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Recent NCVO Report

Many current reports highlight the challenges faced in 2022 and beyond. You may like to consider the following:

  • Do you have fit-for-purpose digital skills currently in your organisation? Have you considered what skills you need now and in the future?
  • Have you considered how technological changes may affect your organisation in one, five and ten years’ time?
  • Do your trustees have a solid understanding of technological advancements and the opportunities that new technologies present to your organisation?
  • Have you ensured staff and volunteers have access to the right equipment for remote working?
  • Have you considered and mitigated cyber security risks, especially in relation to home working?
  • Are your data collection, analysis and presentation processes operationally and legally adequate? Have you considered whether these processes can be automated?
  • Who might be impacted if you start delivering more services online, and how?
  • What do you need to do to make your digital products and services more inclusive?
  • What are the barriers that stop your digitally excluded beneficiaries from accessing digital resources?
  • Could you benefit from a 'digital champion' within your organisation?
  • Have you considered how you can best attract, recruit and onboard volunteers, using digital tools if they are available?

Source: The Road Ahead by NVCO - A Report using PESTEL

Using a capable digital platform (often built on top of Salesforce or similar) can leverage benefits that far outweigh their design and development costs, offering methods for working more closely with staff, volunteers and the people/groups you are trying to assist and allowing you to achieve more with less. Working in this way and with us will help to overcome many of the challenges highlighted by NCVO.

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Many of our projects in this sector involve deep integration with back-office systems, like Salesforce, MS Dynamics and Sharepoint, etc.

Furthermore, these projects are characterised by the fact that Salesforce is a great organisational tool but is rarely exposed to end-users and certainly very rarely in a successful manner. So, we build web solutions that add a great user experience and new functionality for end-users, volunteers and staff that improve the services and applications offered and seamlessly integrates with your existing technbology and organisational processes.

2022 NCVO and CAF reports highlight:

Post CV-19 situation

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is still being felt across most sectors. Lingering uncertainty and the threat of new variants, allied to slow vaccine rollout in the developing world, are all creating challenges for charities

Donations are declining

Despite the total for giving increasing during 2020 (from £10.6 billion in 2019 to £11.3 billion in 2020), this was generated by a decreasing pool of donors and charities are becoming increasingly reliant on a smaller pool of donors


Inflation is presently predicted to rise as high as 18% in 2023. This will increase overheads and reduce the purchasing power of charities as operational costs increase. These are all exacerbated by enormous rises in energy costs

Reduced household budgets

Households are also facing choices about spending and are likely to cut discretionary spending to cover fuel, food and heating costs. Charity giving may well be an unfortunate target, thus reducing the amount that is raised

Security concerns

Charities are often a soft target for hackers and cyber-criminals. Currently, only one in seven charities train their staff or volunteers to spot potential cyber threats and fraud and few have adequate digital protection

Accelerating digital transformation

The proportion of people who donate using cash continues to decline, especially following CV-19 and more people use online one-off donations. Charities need to continue developing online methods that make giving easy and use more sophisticated methods to encourage repeat payments/subscriptions and associated reminders/notifications

Public trust remains high

Trust in charities increased during 2020 and is now higher than it was pre-pandemic. Many charities offered invaluable help throughout the pandemic, with more people encountering them for the first time

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