"We don't just develop eCommerce sites, we engineer them"

People often opt for off-the-shelf tools, which are fine for simple e-stores but once you want to share inventory, offer account-based discounts / promotions / loyalties, credit limits, staged purchasing, direct debits / repeat CC payments, upselling, subscription-based access, personalisation, referral programs and back-office integration, we can help

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Our Web Development Services include:

eCommerce solutions

Where more complex needs can be supported

Integration services

This is the stepping stone to expansion and growth

Portals & extranets

Login access for members, suppliers, distributors, staff...

Web and mobile apps

Designed and built natively to meet customers' needs

Some S-Digital eCommerce Benefits

Any shape, size, type and presentation

Our eCommerce system is not 'templated', your products can be presented in any way using our AI CMS

Complex sales process?

Please take a moment to look at how we overcame the complexities of MedicAlert's Sales Processes

Stock and Sync'

Your product range/details/stock can be drawn from your ERP and enhanced by rich content in AI

Advanced searches

We can build dynamic product searches by categories, attributes, keywords, relationships, price, etc

You are not constrained with our solutions - make the solution fit your needs and not the other way around!! Sell more, sell more effectively, deliver higher levels of customer services (returns, presentation tools, subscriptions, upsells, etc)

Basket Mgt and Automation

Saved baskets, content managed power-automations, wish-lists, promotions based on basket content etc

Our eCommerce Explainer Video

This video demonstrates a great example of our eCommerce solution and how it can handle complex sales processes and full automation

Please take a moment to watch it - all will become clear!

Explainer Video

Manufacturers' Next Stop!

Here's a dedicated landing page for solutions tailored for manufacturers wanting to take their next digital steps...

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Integration services

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Mobile App development

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