Case study

Omron Distributor Portal

We provided an extranet (ODPOS) for all of OMRON’s EMEA distributors to undertake all business-critical interactions online. The solution unifies business processes, leverages data for predictive reporting and has been so successful that North America recently commissioned their own variant portal (The Hub)

About Omron

With a 90+ year history and products and services covering six main sectors including electronic component manufacture, healthcare and industrial automation, Omron is a global leader operating in over 35 countries with a turnover in excess of 750 billion Yen.

Omron manufactures 10,000s of products sold via distributors worldwide. All interactions in Europe and the Americas are channelled through the two portals written and regularly maintained by S-Digital through our partnership on multiple projects of over 15 years.


Bring all distributor interaction online and, by unifying workflows and using intelligent data management, increase the accuracy of information, flow and productivity


Design and deliver a secure suite of tools for distributors and staff to manage POS, forecasts, inventory, projects, reporting, security/privileges, sample requests and claims


ODPOS and The Hub share common functions across territories and ensure that all distributor interaction is focussed, consistent, measurable and derives common benefits


Data gathering and intelligence

New tools gather and process data on projects, products, POS, accounts, sales and forecasts including data sources from Omron Central HQ

Powerful reporting tools generate insights

Graphing dashboards, data tables and exports allow distributors and staff to visualise sales, trends and other valuable insights to improve revenues

Sophisticated integration and communications

The solution, designed in conjunction with senior Omron staff, uses sophisticated 'learning' rules to unify business operations and simplify all interactions

The Challenge

  • Omron delivers products via a complex, global distribution network comprising of many hundreds of distributors. A few years ago, in Europe specifically, distributors were being managed via traditional means, and across different countries this lead to inconsistent processes, multiple methods of communication and, of course, a lack of traceability and management insight
  • A system was required to improve direct management and tracking of pricing/orders, stock levels, projects, contacts, communications and reporting between Omron and its distributor network

The Solution

Thousands of Omron’s European distributors have access to an extranet called ODPOS (Omron Distributor Point of Sale) that delivers mission-critical interaction with one of the world’s largest electronic device manufacturers via a dedicated and secure online solution designed and hosted by S-Digital.

The system is the single point of contact for European distributors and provides all key touch-points that support Omron’s multi-million turnover channels in Europe.

Delivered over a period of a three years and still being regularly enhanced, the Omron Distributor POS system is fully integrated with EDI, JD Edwards data warehousing, inbox-delivered Excel and data files and Omron’s ERP system allowing full lifecycle integration and reporting at any level.

Technically advanced and built using the latest Microsoft .Net technologies, the solution is hosted by S-Digital across two London-based web servers and is supported by a strict Service Level Agreement that guarantees response times and system up-time.