Web design and development

Web Design encompasses many technologies and media and, in all instances, the design is what the user perceives, what provides the impact, assists the usability and represents your brand...

Good Design

Good design is about understanding our customer's business, understanding their target audience and assisting in the strategies to deliver an optimised ROI.

Website design and development also involves interpretion and extending the brand identity to create a graphical interface and supporting solution that reflects the business' strengths, ethos and values... A solution that allows our customers to take control (web site content, e-marketing campaigns and marketing automation, etc) and generate insights to continuously improve lead generation, sales, search engine results and integrated campaigning.

Web design / development - Project Image

Design Expression

We don't just design great web sites and mobile apps, we engineer them. Developing web sites is a complex discipline involving advanced technologies and proven, quality-oriented processes to deliver powerful, performant, reliable and effective web solutions

Sophisticated development

We've built complex, integrated systems that support Omron's worldwide distributor network, Barclaycard's Expert System for providing debt advice, LuckinsLive's e-commerce solution with over 1,000,000 products from over 250 manufacturers and property selling/letting systems that integrate with multiple third-parties.

It's an area in which we excel, with many technologically sophisticated systems under our belt and some of the brightest developers in the industry. Realistically, we can deliver where other agencies simply fall far short.

'Integration' unlocks so many opportunities

Often overlooked are the massive advantages that can be gained from integrating your back-office stack, i.e. get your CRM talking effectively to your web site and campaigns or your ERP-based product data, promotions, pricing and stock levels linked to your online store.

Digital Marketing Nirvana...

That's the combination of absolutelyinteractive and the fantastic team at S-Digital.

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