TMV research and analysis

TechMarketView (TMV) is an organisation of established, software industry experts whose commentary is read by the thousands of key industry executives every day. S-digital were commissioned to build a solution that adhered to but improved an established and very rigourous existing workflow. This allowed content editors to create and tune expert opinion articles, aligned to various commercial streams, as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.

All daily (unsent) articles are collated and delivered via the integrated absolutelyinteractive Email Marketing solution. This provides full reporting and analysis on the consumption of the online content and daily e-newsletters; this was a massive improvement over the partially integrated MailChimp system previously employed.

Since many of the organisations who subscribe to TechMarketView are very large, the new system provides the capability for key customer administrators to manage their staff accounts up to a maximum number prescribed by their subscription status; thus leaving TMV staff to deal less with running the site / operation and more on writing the articles for which they are renowned. The system also automatically generates social media and RSS feeds, saving even more time.

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Simple filters

The system includes an advanced search system (based on Apache Solr technologies integrated into absolutelyinteractive) that allow users to search and filter blog posts accurately and quickly - almost intelligently.

Using algorithms similar to those employed by Google, article results are always highly relevant to the search criteria. Morover, the relevancy and topicality of results can be modified under the searcher's control.

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The Research Area uses an innovative user interface, designed by S-digital, that combines accordion panels, search results and date filters to allow users to find relevant research quickly and easily.

The end result of all of this advanced development is a solution that allows TMV to deliver their dynamic web site, daily newsletters by mid morning, on time, every day, with the minimum of fuss to over 7,000 subscribers.