Spread Co Multilingual sites

Spread Co is a financial spread betting and CFD provider. Based in London, they have partnerships worldwide and help their customers to access thousands of global markets, including equities, indices, currencies, and commodities via their in-house trading platform, Saturn.

The brief

A fully integrated solution that offers website and blog content management, email marketing and marketing automation (MA).

The solution should integrate with in-house back office systems and Salesforce to allow Spread Co to leverage existing and demo account holder user information for targeted, automated email campaigns. This data is also to be added to Salesforce via their API for lead management.

Spread Co - Project Image

The Solution

We designed a new responsive website that takes advantage of absolutelyinteractive CMS and its core Email Marketing and MA features. Spread Co's existing content was migrated across into AI; together with the existing account and demo registration journey to ensure there was limited impact on Salesforce and their back office system.

absolutelyinteractive Blog feature allows Spread Co to post new articles to a defined set of categories (or streams). New articles are automatically added to a daily newsletter that is personalised and emailed to subscribers to include articles within the streams they’ve expressed interest in.

absolutelyinteractive MA provides insight into how qualified and anonymous leads are interacting with the Spread Co website and a report on all user activity, across the website and email marketing, generates ROI metrics by date or email campaign. MA's Journey Manager allows Spread Co to automate complex digital campaigns, including the time-based (drip) and triggered email campaigns. It also allows the team to personalise any component on any page in the site as well as allowing then to define lead scores for different user behaviour and triggers (e.g. form completion).

The Outcome

We continue to support and improve the solution to ensure a one-stop-shop for website management, email marketing and marketing automation.

Subsequent projects have seen us integrate a live chat service and lead forensics; design and build two stand alone micro-sites, Spread Co Partners and Currency Genius; as well as white-label the solution for their 3-D Markets.