Independents by sodexo

Following a guiding brief and completed within three weeks, this website shows innnovation and flair in the area of Responsive Design, ensuring that the site operates optimally from a user's perspective across all types of devices.

The site incorporates engaging imagery, HTML5 animation and topical content in the blog, that also doubles up as a simple way to create e-newsletters, where content is written just once but re-used online, in emails and social media platforms.

Thanks for your help yesterday on doing the final tweaks to the site, it was reviewed today by the Director of Education and it went down really well and we got approval to launch, great news!

JOHN MCCARTHY Project Manager - IS&T (On-site Services)

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The Ideal solution

The site takes advantage of our absolutelyinteractive content management system, allowing every aspect of the site's content to be easily edited and updated without any 'web skills' required.

Training required only a couple of hours to Sodexo staff previously uninitiated in web site content managament. We also made it as easy and fast as possible to keep up to date by allowing the linking of content between pages using tags and other relationships. So a single update can update the Home Page, the Blog Area and any other inter-related pages.

The site is optimally constructed for search engines and consultation support was provided throughout the project in the form of content planning to optimise natural search results and conversions.

Sodexo Independents - Project Image

Mobile design

The site was designed with mobile technologies in mind, therefore all elements across the site resize and adapt accordinly to make best use of the screen real estate.

The use of a collapsable handburger menu allows for ease of navigation by users, along with a sizeable search area for those with fiddly fingers.

A custom HTML5 video player & playlist was created using HTML5 video standards and Javascript to maximize device compatibility.