Global Distributor Portal

Omron are a leading electronics company delivering products via a global distribution network comprising of many thousands of distributors. Their products and services cover three main sectors, electronic component manufacture, healthcare and industrial automation, in which it is a global leader with over 35,000 full-time employees working in over 35 countries.

The Distributor Management Problem

Omron used to manage its distribution network via traditional means across a number of countries, this invariably leads to inconsistent processes and communications and, of course, a lack of traceability and management insight.

A system was required to improve direct management and tracking of pricing/orders, stock levels, projects, contacts, communications and reporting between Omron and the distributor network.

Having worked with Omron in the past, S-digital were selected to design and build the European distributors’ extranet which now provides a single, online direct channel for managing all distributor activity across Europe.

Omron Distributor Portal - Project Image

Distributor Management - The Solution

Hundreds of Omron's European distributors now have access to an extranet called ODPOS (Omron Distributor Point of Sale), that provides a single point of contact and all key touch-points that support Omron's multi-million turnover channels in Europe.

Delivered over a period of three years and still being regularly enhanced, the Omron Distributor POS system is fully integrated with EDI, JD Edwards data warehousing, inbox-delivered Excel and data files and Omron's ERP system allowing full lifecycle integration and reporting at any level.

Key features

  • Stock Management - Omron can evaluate product stock levels within the marketplace and distributors may also review Omron’s stock levels 
  • Distributor Enquiry and Shipping Management - A distributor can submit an enquiry form to request pricing for individual products. The system generates Shipping and Debit Advice (SADA) once Omron approves the enquiry 
  • Claim Management System - This allows distributors to upload several claims in one batch based on agreed Pricing (SADA) and view order history 
  • Customer Management System - Enables Omron and distributors to query customer prospects and the sales associated with that customer 
  • Project Management System - distributors can supply selected products at an Omron approved price via full collaboration control in order to win and deliver specific customer projects 
  • POS Management System - Distributors regularly upload their batch POS data, which helps Omron verify whether certain sales targets are being met. The system can then determine whether the distributor qualifies to actively win the project 
  • Forecast Management System – The system is regularly updated with past sales data via integration. Based on these data, ODPOS intelligently forecasts future sales for a given customer and distributor for next 12 months 
  • Order Book Management System – ODPOS will read Order Book data via Excel files attached to an email sent to a dedicated Omron email inbox. ODPOS automatically updates the order book data overnight. These data are then presented to ODPOS users, where change requests can be made to the order for pending approval by Omron. Approval decisions then trigger an email to the distributor notifying them of status. We have also provided this level of integration via EDI and Secure FTP 
  • Full Reporting – for POS, Projects, Pricing, Customers, Distributors, etc. These reports can be either viewed on screen with multiple filters or can be downloaded to an Excel/CSV format 
  • Other features include Sales data integration from key distributors via EDI for stock levels and sales, multi-tiered user privileges, content management of news, training and video provision and finally, full account management of all distributors, customers, competitor data, user privileges and email campaigns

The Outcome

Initially, use of ODPOS by distributors was elective. However, Omron stipulated mandatory adoption by all distributors after 12 months from launch. Now, the system has been adopted by all distributors and provides the crucial single point of contact for all transactions, communications and reporting and ensures consistency of approach to all aspects of distributor pricing, stock management, forecasting and collaborative communication, irrespective of country, sector and spoken language.

Following the huge success of ODPOS, the portal has been adapted and designed to suit the American distributor network.