MedicAlert UK

How our solution allowed MedicAlert to automate complex end-to-end business workflows, personalise their new web-site and marketing campaigns, deliver seamless e-commerce and manage the sensitive medical information of over
50,000 members.
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Who Are MedicAlert

MedicAlert is a national charity based in Milton Keynes with an annual turnover of £1.3M from subscriptions and jewellery sales. They provide vital medical information to emergency services staff at the scene via high-quality jewellery engraved with a member’s primary medical conditionsand secure telephone services.

This project involved migrating MedicAlert’s entire technical and business infrastructure from a large and complex but inflexible and unsupported legacy business system/web site to a new, fully-specified and modern digital ecommerce and back-office business solution. Prior to the project, all customer interactions relied on phone, fax and emails. Now, all such interactions take place online.


Our approach involved undertaking a significant on-site consultation phase to understand the problem space and derive a detailed series of agreed initiatives to deliver the new solution. Substantial specification documentation was developed alongside complete visual and interactive wireframes. Collectively these produced tangible and understandable recommendations to MedicAlert early on in the project, reducing risk and engendering mutual understanding and clarity of scope.

Detailed project plans, weekly status reports and regular work-in-progress milestones were delivered throughout the project, unit / System testing took place regularly and continuously on a staging site.


We customised our award-winning AbsolutelyInteractive CMS (AI) by extending its integrated Marketing Automation solution to enable the creation of role-based jobs, which are triggered and processed (in real-time) by members' online interactions and accessed via staff job queues within secured administration pages on the single web-site platform Integration with multiple third-parties enabled online orders using a variety of payment methods including PayPal, Stripe (credit card) and Direct Debits via GoCardless.

The core capabilities of AI were employed to deliver a modern and responsive web-site with intuitive and complete layout and content control and powerful digital marketing capabilities to assist in the organisations growth.

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Delivering to Tight Deadlines

During the consultation and design stages (and even well into implementation of the solution) there was considerable scope movement driven by change requests. This is a problem for most projects but especially so with this one, as we were working with a highly-complex and proprietary legacy system that was not technically supported or documented and we had a freehand to improve upon it when the opportunity arose.

However, trustees and existing contract arrangements imposed external deadlines, so progress to schedule was also of primary importance. We therefore engaged in pro-actively management of the scope, resources and costs involved in the project, enabling us to deliver the entire solution within 10% of the original timeframe and cost estimates, despite the level of change and significant, additional capabilities that the new site and solution delivered.

Key Benefits

Workflow Automation Improves Productivity

Delivers higher levels of productivity (freeing up staff to undertake other more important functions), improves the timeliness of customer communications and service delivery, provides a source of accurate business performance metrics (aiding the identification and optimisation of bottle necks) and ensures that all aspects of customer interactions are consistent, timely and of high-quality.

Seamless UI Delivers Control to Members and Staff

All customer interactions can now take place online; from placing orders, renewing subscriptions, managing product returns, updating medical conditions and reviewing order history and order status. This delivers access to powerful new capabilities for all members and further frees up MedicAlert administration staff. However, staff can also undertake these and other privileged activities within the same web UI by impersonating members who do not.

Marketing Automation Benefits Business Growth

All existing member and new potential prospect data reside within a built-in CRM system inside AI and deliver amazingly insightful behavioural events into the system that can be analysed to measure the effectiveness of the site and marketing campaigns but can also generate lead scores and trigger arbitrarily complex customer journeys and personalisations on the site/solution. The system also provides landing page, dynamic content managed forms and powerful integrated email marketing capabilities.