Graduate Logging Hours

The Graduate Logging Hours online solution allows NCS Graduates to find and create their own opportunities to work with non-profit organisations on a voluntary basis, during which they earn certification while gaining experience to help further their career aspirations.

Technically, the solution leverages deep integration with SalesForce, enabling graduates to manage their own opportunities and logging of time spent volunteering, thus removing the need for NCS to provide any costly adminstration support.

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The challenge

The key challenge for this project related to the compressed timeframes required to deliver a brand new solution, including:

  • New strong, NCS brand-aligned design
  • SalesForce integration
  • Google map integration
  • Advanced Angular front-end technologies to deliver an intuitive and interactive UI across any device

We had a turnaround time of only four weeks from the initial project brainstorm session through to User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Graduate Logging Hours - Project Image

How we helped

We actually developed the design, initial HTML and development framework within only two weeks of project kick-off, thus running ahead of schedule.

Since there were a few late changes to the visual and functional scope during the project, this allowed us to accomodate all changes without affecting the original end-dates.

From a UI perspective, particular attention was given to colour-coding of buttons and the information presented to ensure that graduates would be able to use the system without any prior knowledge or education.

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