Empire Bespoke Foods

Empire Bespoke Foods (EBF) are a leading importer, distributor and brand builder of products sourced worldwide and offered to UK and Europe. EBF have a shared passion and knowledge of the grocery and speciality food sector, with over 50 years combined expertise in sourcing brands from the USA, Europe and Asia.

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Project Capabilities

The key to the success of this project related to:

  • Producing a highly detailed Statement of Work for the project following a consultation session with all key stakeholders at EBF
  • Assisting in defining a method and formalising EBF's product data (over 20,000 lines) from Sage and importing these data into our absolutelyinteractive CMS
  • EBF had recently undertaken an acquisition of another business so this meant designing the new site by combining two existing brands
  • Delivering a full email marketing and marketing automation solution that allows customer journeys to handle welcome and onboarding campaigns, abandoned basket, lead scoring and seasonal promotions
  • Designing and building:
    • Highly configurable landing pages
    • Advanced blog with social integration and automated e-newsletters (content is auto-populated from the blog)
    • Fully content managed promotions based on product ranges, brands and SKUs
    • Content managed product image overlays to show product promotions, out of stock items, etc
Empire Bespoke Foods - Project Image

Insightful Analysis and Metrics

Our absolutelyinteractive solution provides core CMS, Blog, Email Marketing and most importantly advanced Marketing Automation (MA) capabilities.

The MA function not only provides full customer journey automation but also massively important insights as to how the site is being used and the effectiveness of all promotions.

The example on the left shows the analysis of one user's activities - this level of insight is available for all known users and provides essential information for optimisation of content and improving conversion ratios.


Being able to manage promotions within our CMS is one of our solutions greatest assets for EBF.

Within absolutelyinteractive EBF staff can setup:

  • Fixed price production reductions for any time period on any brand, product range and/or individual SKUs
  • Percentage reduction for any time period across any brand, product range and/or individual SKUs
  • Overlay their own images that appear for any promotions available
  • Add Calls to Action (CTA) across the home page or brand pages to encourage sales
  • Relate any promotional product to any other in the same or different promotion using simple dropdowns within the CMS - to increase basket sizes and revenue