Ansell Lighting

A range of online solutions, all based around absolutelyinteractive have been designed and developed for Ansell Lighting.

The range includes a number of back-office integrations to access product data, pricing,
stock levels, new product design area and account-based discounting for customers.

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Product Catalogue and Lighting Design

We import multiple data sources from Ansell's ERP system in order to retain a full, up to date product catalogue for all products on sale, including images, full technical specifications, photometric data and kite marks.

Our New Products Design Area within the CMS also allows Ansell to work on all new products to structure their presentation prior to making the products live.

Linked to this is a seperate solution that allows Ansell's lighting engineers to create lighting designs for new projects both small and very large. All inventory, pricing, availablility and project stage management is supported.

Many aspects of the workflow for these S-Digital solutions have been optimised over the years to ensure that data entry is quick and accurate. Many reporting functions and access permissions capabilities are provided to allow area sales management and senior executives to review sales, pipeline and product related data.

Finally, we have also developed a system to auto-build all of Ansell's data sheets from the web site, so when a user downloads a PDF, this file is built on the fly to ensure that all technical product data and specifications are fully up to date. 

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Intranet and Integration

A full intranet solution is provided to Ansell from within the CMS that also supports their web site.

The intranet integrates with Perito and other back-office systems to manage staff calendars, sales reports, common HR functions such as forms for sick days and holiday booking and a company directory, etc.

Finally, S-Digital were recently commissioned to assist Ansell in delivering a fully paperless office. Initial system design work has been undertaken by S-Digital and we have also been commissioned to manage the project, which involves a number of third-parties.

Design Examples

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