Some interesting and supporting statistics (from 2024):

  • 80% of businesses use SMS marketing software to text their customers and nearly 70% are increasing their SMS marketing budgets
  • Businesses that text customers are 683% more likely to report digital marketing success than businesses that don’t use text messaging. (OR=6.83, Cl=11.82, 3.95)
  • 87% of businesses that use SMS report their digital marketing is successful
  • 91% of business owners and marketing managers say they see higher conversion rates with integrated marketing campaigns that include SMS
  • Most businesses have an average SMS marketing click-through rate between 21% and 35% and an average opt-out rate between 1 and 2%
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and customer service are the primary reasons why businesses are using SMS marketing in 2024
  • Businesses say that 11-20% of their revenue can be attributed to SMS marketing
  • 81% of consumers check their text notifications within just five minutes of receiving a text. And nearly 30% check their text notifications within just 60 seconds of receipt
  • Over 90% of consumers text every day and most check their text messages more than 10 times per day
  • 79% of consumers opted in to receive texts from businesses –– indicating an 11% growth in consumer opt-ins from last year
  • 60% of consumers like having the capability to text businesses back.
  • Consumers are most likely to subscribe to texts from businesses within the e-commerce/retail and healthcare industries.
  • Appointment/reservation reminders, shipment tracking, promotions, and sale alerts are the biggest reasons consumers are signing up to receive business texts
  • 11% growth in consumer opt-ins from last year
  • Most consumers like having the capability to text businesses back
  • 73% of consumers have made purchases due to brand texts
  • 1 in 3 consumers prefer texts over emails from their favourite brands
  • 5.5x the click rate for SMS messages Vs emails

Seperate solutions for email and SMS leads to increased cost, more administration and, often, a poorer customer experience. Few suppliers can provide both solutions within the same integrated package, alongside full automation of your campaigns and one-off messsages.

If you aren't engaging your customers and leads with SMS, then contact us now!


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