This is not one of those 'jump on the bandwagon' stories, it's a simple, clear and unambiguous look at the pragmatic benefits of AI for businesses:

AI is predicted to generate £3.2 trillion to the global economy.

AI is predicted to boost productivity by around 40% for most workers.

Big ballsy statements that have their basis in some genuine facts but what really is the benefit of AI right now (and in the short term as predictions beyond that are hazy) to you and I; people who run SMEs and who are always looking at ways to be more competitive, deliver more customer satisfaction, increase revenues/profit margins, keep staff happy, etc.


Let's be honest, the main reason why every headline these days talks about AI is because Generative AI has swept us all up in a wonderful whirlwind of words, images, videos, voices and faces. We can all benefit right away from creating content using GenAI.

Obvious immediate benefits from GenAI are the creation (or improvement) of articles, stories, image/video content for improving the presentation of your business, marketing and customer support. Like blogs, AI-based Chatbots AI-enhanced customer support functions, etc.

Traditional AI

Traditional AI is a bit less sexy but it is the core of analytics, involves machine learning, statistical inferences from data that delivers predictive outcomes. Simply put, GenAI essentially goes beyond this by using these mathematical insights to create more outputs like its inputs!

Traditional AI sounds old-world but, as discussed above, it is entirely now and totally meaningful, even though it doesn't grab the headlines quite so much as ChatGPT.

The future is Trad and Gen combined...

Tarditional AI systems often deliver niche solutions by leveraging real-world data to help predict outcomes that can help to solve organisational problems or open up new markets. Often, these solutions can be created from scratch using existing AI-based libraries and components.

So the future benefits for business will involve developing integrated, dedicated solutions that utilise existing best-of-breed technologies in a well-architected and structured fashion. This keeps the costs low, the ROI high and delivers immediate and long-term benefits. 

Using AI in business

We've been developing AI solutions in our mainstream product for a few years now, to model and then optimise business and marketing workflows based on the characteritics of the person passing through the workflows. It's examples like this where AI's learning, analysis and automation can help you reap huge benefits beyond creating your next Blog Article from prompts!

To find out how AI can really benefit your organisation, please jump to The Real Business Benefits of AI or call us for a no-obligation discussion right now on 01908 733365.

Thank you.


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