What it Involves

Our proven methodologies allow us to define, refine, implement, measure, validate and innovate. We are able to deliver effective guidance to formulate your digital strategy and recommend proven tactics to deliver and optimise your ongoing ROI.

Our Consultancy

Sostac Chart

We often provide our customers with initial consultation session at the specification stage of a new project and then regular sessions thereafter. These allow us to fully understand your business goals and gather all of the relevant information required from key stakeholders. While we are doing this, we can add significant value and drive appropriate responses to new business intiatives by deriving and optimising a clear digital strategy to position the solution appropriately online. The consultation session also provides significant added value in terms of measuring and optimising the effectiveness of the solution and strategy defined.

The consultation processs can involve anything from a simple half-day meeting and outcome report through to facilitated workshops for more in-depth analysis. Our consultation sessions are based on a proven and logical methodologies, such as SOSTAC and RACE. These models ensure that all aspects of the plan are well understood and can be realised systematically and analytically.

Sessions shouldn't be one-offs...

We recommend regular consultation sessions to ensure that your plan remains on track and is agile enough to respond to business and marketplace changes.

Working With You

We have many years of expertise in designing and building complex digital solutions, encompassing all disciplines relating to design and development, system and data architectures and migration, third-party integration, incredibly well-considered UIs and great user experiences.

Another consultation model that we use is called the 'RACE' model. Here we take you through the stages with some examples. 

REACH covers building awareness of your brand, its products, solutions and services through various digital inbound and outbound marketing, including email campaigns, SEO/PPC, social media, external sites/affiliates and offline media to drive increasing visits to your presence.

An example from a previous project is given to the right:

ACTIVATE focuses on persuading site visitors or prospects to take the next step on their journey when they initially reach your site or social network presence by engaging them through relevant, compelling content and clear navigation pathways, along with associated Marketing Automation journeys. This avoids bounces and, instead, moves your anonymous visitor towards becoming a CONVERTed lead.

An example from a previous project is given to the right:

CONVERSION is where the visitor commits to form a relationship that will deliver enhanced benefit to them by sharing aspects of their profile, purchasing, subscribing and executing other calls to action. Marketing Automation plays a key role here too.

An example from a previous project is given to the right:

ENGAGEMENT builds on relationships over time to achieve retention, loyalty, referral and up-sells (where relevant) such as support contract and license renewals, upgrades, etc.

An example from a previous project is given to the right: